Tonight I need to reflect on the 40 days ahead (well, today means there are 39 days left!) of my fundraising campaign and ensure that I have a strategy to acheive the target outcome – that is – raising $2,000 towards towards my journey to the G20 Youth Fourm.

In October 2011 I put together some quick notes within a Faculty email (see below) on developing a digital / social media solution to what was considered a ‘recruitment crisis’ within our subject area in the School of Communication & Creative Industries.

Whilst this 40 day fundraising campaign has no ‘real budget’ the need to embrace the constant / cyclic approach is just as critical. Tonight I will draft a flow chart addressing this need.

From: Reid, David
Sent: Friday, 14 October 2011 11:18 AM
Subject: Advertising Subject Area Marketing

“Developing an integrated Digital / Social Media marketing solution for the Advertising subject area at CSU moving forward is potentially a much needed solution for our impending recruitment crisis.

I see the required process as constant / cyclic (diagram above)…….. We seem to be pointing to ‘digital’, and in particular Social Media in the belief that it’s going to cost nothing, and will be a ‘quick’ solution. In reality any marketing strategy requires a budget to beimplemented properly so whilst in the short term we can initiate some great creative ideas ultimately we need to be a lot more strategic – think long term – and secure some funding and manage the process effectively.”



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