Thoughts / Overview / Purpose

This week (end of December 2012), I have been reading some digest list items (via Air-L) on the notion of death and memory in the digital domain. It immediately struct me how each and every one of us leaves a digital tail behind them, such as your career, or one that communicates ‘in the moment’ – the personal self to family and friends. Part of my history (I was born in regional New Zealand in the 1960’s) doesn’t exist in great detail across the digital domain. It’s almost as if my life is only partly visible.

Having attempted a number of blog sites (WordPress, etc) over the years, and developed e-Portfolios at Universities that I was presviously employed at (Pebblepad at Northumbria, i-Portfolio at Curtin) I am attempting now, whilst at Charles Strurt University, and by using Posterous ‘spaces’ to combine the two practices – developing and managing a strong teaching portfolio, and commenting and keeping abreast of current practice and pedagogy.

Therefore the simple purpose of this reflective style portfolio / blog is to reflect on my own practice as an educator as a means of improving that practice moving forward.


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